Beauty takes on many forms and a camera is the perfect tool to tell an otherwise impossible story. Photography is the singular art or capturing fleeting instants of reality, and presenting them outside of their original context.

On the street or in the wild, in the studio or at live events, I love the act of looking through the lense for those magical instants. Frozen out of space and time, a still image can reveal what the eye doesn’t see in an ocean of movement.

In a universe where permanent change is the only thing that’s constant, photography seems to bend natural laws in an attempt to stop time. It is a fresh look at life from the angle of apparent immobility.

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I shot some of them in the studio with models posing, but most of them I took in the street. They are my artistic view of life in public spaces. In the places where I do this, it is legal to do it, so long as it doesn’t cause any harm.

Sometimes, the people are unaware of my camera, or they just ignore me while I take the photo. Other times they have spotted me and are staring right into the lense, witch adds intensity to the scene.

Every time I can, I ask people for their permission when I get them on a picture. However sometimes things go too fast and I can’t get to them in time, so they might not know about it.

If you appear on a picture and do not wish to, please let me know so I can remove it. If you know a person who is on a picture, please let them know so they can have their say about it.



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