What I do


I’m a Creative Thinking and Communication expert, I help people build the skills to solve their own problems.

Creative thinking and communication skills lead to positive sustainable changes in all fields of life.

When you face a new challenge, they allow effective win-win solutions.



Find your balance with

mind and heart









Get out of tight spots with this 

guide to Creative Thinking


FlowSteps is built on the original CPS principles developed by Osbourne and Parnes, taught at the university of Buffalo, NY, and used by innovative companies all over the world.

No easy cheesy magic…

These skills take time to learn! 

They bring a lot of fun as well, and the benefits are yours to keep for life.

If you want some, I’m here to share.

Adapt, grow, achieve

Positive communication towards yourself and others, with a creative mindset, are the keys to overcome challenges with success. We get problems to solve in all fields of life:

  • career changes,
  • personality quirks,
  • mind blocks,
  • etc

Our fast changing world brings ever more problems to solve, often deep and impactful ones. Your quality of life depends on your skills at adjusting, and developing new solutions.

When you grow such skills, you become a fantastic problem solver. Over the years, I have designed many workshops, frameworks and brain hacks to develop positive communication and creative thinking skills. I can show you how to use your natural potential to get a lot more out of your brain, and successfully manage all sorts of situations. Try it, grow your skills, and you’ll enjoy the benefits in all aspects of your life.

Build your creative mindset

I started on the street in the early 90’s as a busking musician. I improved my skills by learning from experience, from great books and inspiring people.

I became a pro musician, running six companies and giving over a thousand concerts all over Europe with more than thirty different bands.

When I became a father, I really wanted to be there for my children, so I changed my career again. I played local gigs, gave many workshops and began coaching people.

Embrace uncertainty and learn new things

When my children grew into teenage,

I took on a new challenge.

I studied the psychology of communication and creative thinking for coaching, and wrote a 4th year degree thesis at Université Paris 8, France (download it here). 

Now I train people to grow skills for problem solving:

  • career changes for individuals,
  • team building for local non profits, 
  • innovation methods for CEOs and teams,
  • anxiety relief for students stuck in procrastination,
  • positive communication for leaders, managers and parents,
  • conflict management for nurses and social workers in universities.